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Description:   HTTP Multiple file upload applet. Will upload files from a web browser to any HTTP compliant web server using standard form based file upload (RFC1867). Includes JavaScript hooks, error checking, and the ability to resize images over a user defined size.

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MultipartRequest File Upload parser HttpServletMultipartRequest parses multipart form data. From version 2.0 of the API only Servlets using Java 2 or later are supported.

AWT Multiple File Upload Applet java multiple file upload applet. Features a progress bar, file explorer and multiple asset views. A must have plugin for any Content Management System CMS. Mac OS 9 classic compatible. Built w/ JDK 1.1.8. Similar to jupload , jzoom , juploadr

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Javascript driven file upload applet Jup is a Java applet for uploading multiple files to a web server. It is a worker applet that doesn't have a GUI of its own. Rather, it uses Javascript hooks, that allows the Web site developer to integrate its functionality seamlessly into his site.

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